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Apple iOS 18: Siri Will Be Upgraded With Breakthrough AI Technology

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Apple is preparing for a major breakthrough with Siri in iOS 18, which is expected to be announced at the WWDC event in June 2024. Reports from multiple sources suggest that Apple is integrating artificial intelligence technology creating advanced (AI) into Siri, opening up new possibilities for this virtual assistant. Here are the key things to know about Siri improvements in iOS 18.

Apple iOS 18: Siri Will Be Upgraded With Breakthrough AI Technology

Siri With Large Language Models (LLMs) Technology

Apple is opening a new chapter for Siri in iOS 18 with the integration of large language models (LLMs), an advanced technology that dramatically improves natural language processing. These models are the basis of many modern artificial intelligence systems, including ChatGPT. When applied to Siri, this promises to give Apple's virtual assistant the ability to respond more quickly and flexibly than before.

  • One of the key benefits of integrating LLMs is better natural language understanding. Siri not only recognizes specific keywords or phrases, but is also capable of understanding the context and overall meaning of a statement. This helps Siri respond more naturally, like talking to a human.

  • Thanks to LLMs technology, Siri in iOS 18 can perform more complex tasks, including multi-step requests. Previously, users had to issue single commands for each step. With the new Siri, you can ask to perform a series of actions in one go. For example, you can ask Siri to send a message to a contact, then set a reminder and play your favorite music, all in a single request.

  • With improvements from LLMs, Siri can engage in conversations in a smoother and more seamless way. You don't have to repeat the request every time you need more information or want to change instructions. Siri can maintain context and understand your intent even as the conversation evolves. This creates a more seamless and user-friendly interactive experience.

  • These improvements bring Siri closer to becoming a truly intelligent virtual assistant. It has the ability to adapt to user needs and provide flexible solutions for everyday situations. With Siri in iOS 18, Apple is opening the door to a future where artificial intelligence becomes a natural part of life.

Apple iOS 18: Siri Will Be Upgraded With Breakthrough AI Technology

Siri In iOS 18: From Simple Requests To Complex Tasks

With significant improvements in artificial intelligence (AI) technology, Siri in iOS 18 can perform many complex tasks with just a single voice command. This not only improves user convenience, but also opens up new possibilities for Apple's virtual assistant.

  • In its current version, Siri is typically limited to single requests, like setting an alarm, sending a message, or playing a song. However, with iOS 18, Siri can handle multi-step tasks with just one request. For example, you can ask Siri to take a series of photos, create a GIF from those photos, then send it to a specific contact. This process, which originally required many different steps and applications, can now be performed with a simple command.

  • The ability to perform multiple tasks with just one voice command brings greater flexibility and convenience to users. You can ask Siri to send a message, then make a call, and finally open the notes app so you can jot down your ideas. Siri will handle every request smoothly without you having to switch between apps or issue multiple commands.

  • This upgrade of Siri is not only a technological step forward but also a significant improvement in user experience. It helps you save time and minimize interruptions when interacting with Apple devices. Siri in iOS 18 promises to bring a more seamless user experience, helping you complete multiple tasks without having to do multiple operations.

  • With these new capabilities, Siri is moving toward becoming a smarter and more helpful virtual assistant. Being able to perform complex tasks with just a voice command would be a huge step forward in improving the user experience and increasing Siri's usefulness in everyday life. We can expect even more improvements as Apple continues to develop AI technology for Siri in the future.

Apple iOS 18 Siri: Advanced AI But Still Ensuring Privacy

Apple has always valued user privacy, and the launch of Siri in iOS 18 further affirms this commitment. Although Siri is equipped with advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technology, Apple still ensures that user data is processed on the device, creating a safe environment for personal information. This focus on data security creates a significant difference between Siri and cloud-based virtual assistants like Alexa.

  • One of the key elements in how Apple handles AI is its on-device processing method.

Instead of sending data to the cloud for processing, like many other virtual assistants, Siri in iOS 18 performs the majority of operations right on your device. This approach ensures that your personal information is not sent out and remains under your control.

  • By keeping data on the device, Apple not only protects user privacy but also minimizes the risk of data leaks.

Your conversations, personal information, and requests to Siri are kept private, without worrying about them being accessed or used for unwanted purposes.

  • Keeping data on the device creates a big difference between Siri and cloud-based virtual assistants like Alexa or Google Assistant.

Cloud-based virtual assistants often need to send data to servers for processing, creating security and privacy concerns. Meanwhile, Apple's Siri ensures that your data doesn't leave your device, minimizing the risk of information loss or leakage.

  • As AI becomes more prevalent in everyday life, privacy and security become more important factors than ever.

Siri in iOS 18 shows that Apple is taking the lead in protecting users' personal information, even when integrating advanced AI technologies. This gives users peace of mind that they can enjoy the benefits of AI without sacrificing privacy.

Apple iOS 18

Apple iOS 18: Tighter Integration With Apps

Siri in iOS 18 is expected to have significant improvements in the ability to interact with applications like Messages, helping to increase the usefulness of this virtual assistant in everyday situations. With these new features, Siri will become smarter in supporting users, especially in communication and information management.

  • One of the notable features is the ability to check spelling errors in the Messages app. This helps users minimize errors when sending messages, avoiding unnecessary misunderstandings. Siri can detect spelling errors and suggest corrections, helping you send more accurate messages.

  • Siri in iOS 18 is also expected to support automatic sentence completion while you're typing a message. This feature can predict the words or phrases you plan to use, helping you compose messages faster and more effectively. This autocomplete capability can help cut down on editing time, especially when you're on the go or busy.

  • Another feature is the ability to summarize message content. Siri can scan through conversations and create a concise summary of key points, helping you quickly grasp information without having to read each message individually. This feature is useful when you have multiple conversations going on at the same time or when you want to review content quickly.

  • Thanks to deeper integration with the Messages app, Siri in iOS 18 will become more useful in everyday situations. You can rely on Siri to help check spelling, auto-complete sentences, and summarize message content, making communication smoother and more effective. This interoperability creates a more seamless user experience, reduces complexity and increases productivity.

Siri In iOS 18: Exclusive Features For iPhone 16

Some of the more advanced AI features in Siri on iOS 18 may only be available on the iPhone 16 series due to more powerful hardware requirements and improved "Neural Engine". This may make users of older iPhone versions feel like they're missing out, but also reflects the fact that the newest features require more modern hardware.

  • With Siri in iOS 18, Apple plans to bring some significant AI improvements, but these improvements also come with hardware requirements. The iPhone 16 series is said to have an improved "Neural Engine", making AI processing faster and more efficient. Features like advanced natural language processing and the ability to perform complex tasks with just a voice command require exceptional hardware power.

  • Older iPhone users may feel like they're missing out by not being able to experience the latest premium AI features. This is because the hardware of older devices is not powerful enough to handle the complex demands of modern AI. While this is unfortunate, it is also a reality in the technology world, where new technology often requires newer hardware..

  • Advanced AI features require superior processing power and computing capabilities. The "Neural Engine" in the iPhone 16 series is specifically designed to meet this need. This allows Siri in iOS 18 to perform more complex tasks, providing a better user experience. Therefore, limiting some features to the iPhone 16 is understandable, although it may disappoint some users.

  • While not all users can fully experience Siri's latest features, advancements in AI technology and hardware are part of technological evolution. Apple is always working to improve the user experience, and using the most advanced hardware is one of the ways to achieve this.


Siri in iOS 18 promises to bring many advanced AI features, but some of them may only be available on the iPhone 16 series due to more powerful hardware requirements. While this may frustrate users of older iPhone versions, it is also necessary to fully exploit the power of the new AI. Apple is leading the way in adopting advanced AI technology, and the iPhone 16 with its innovative "Neural Engine" is an important part of this move.

iOS 18 has the potential to mark a major turning point in Siri's development. The integration of advanced AI technology can help Siri become smarter, more flexible, and more helpful than ever. But to know exactly what Apple has planned, we have to wait until WWDC in June 2024 for an official announcement.

  • With iOS 18, Siri will be upgraded by integrating large language models (LLMs), helping it understand natural language better and perform more complex tasks. This is a huge step forward, bringing Siri closer to the human experience in everyday conversations and interactions. With quick responses and deeper insights, Siri in iOS 18 can truly make users' lives easier.

  • New innovations enable Siri to handle complex tasks with just one voice command, from taking photos and creating GIFs to sending messages and performing seamless actions. This capability increases the flexibility and extension of Siri's applications in many different situations. It also makes Siri more useful when users need to perform multiple tasks without touching the phone.

  • These improvements not only make Siri smarter, but also make it an indispensable part of users' daily lives. Siri in iOS 18 can interact better with apps like Messages, checking spelling errors, automatically completing sentences, and summarizing message content. These features make Siri an effective support tool in communication and daily work management.

  • While there are rumors of significant improvements in Siri on iOS 18, we'll still need to wait until WWDC in June 2024 to know exactly what Apple has planned. This event will be an opportunity for Apple to announce official details and give us a clearer view of the future of Siri. If the rumors are true, iOS 18 will be an important milestone in the development of virtual assistant Siri.

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