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NTK32 Alarm Annunciator Indicator - Perfect Safety Solution for Power Substations

Table of Contents:

1. Reliability

- 32-channel Alarm Annunciator Indicator

- Non-electric Inputs

- LED Lights and NO Relay Contacts Outputs

- Wide Range of Input Voltages

2. Flexibility

- Integration with SCADA, RTU Systems

- Relay Contact Customization

- Customizable Channel Colors

3. Simple Operation

- Local or Remote Control by Operators

- Remote Control via Expansion Buttons

4. Dedicated Customer Care Service

- 3-year Warranty

- Easy Ordering Support

- Repair Services for Similar Alert Systems

Main Content:

1. Reliability:

Trung Kiên Techdevinco's NTK32 Alarm Annunciator Indicator is designed to meet the monitoring and safety needs of 110kV, 220kV, and higher power substations. With high reliability features, the NTK32 brings peace of mind and trust to customers.

- 32-channel Alarm Annunciator: NTK32 provides 32 channels for monitoring alarm signals, meeting technical requirements for substations of 110kV, 220kV, and higher.

- Non-electric Inputs: The annunciator indicator receives non-electric signals from various sources and processes them accurately.

- LED Lights and NO Relay Contacts Outputs: NTK32 provides LED lights and NO relay contacts to display and transmit alarm signals.

- Wide Range of Input Voltages: The annunciator indicator can operate with input voltages ranging from 24VDC, 48VDC, 110VDC, 85-295VAC/VDC, flexibly meeting customer needs.

2. Flexibility:

NTK32 by Trung Kiên Techdevinco not only meets basic requirements but also provides flexibility and customization for customers.

- Integration with SCADA, RTU Systems: NTK32 can connect to SCADA, RTU systems via Relay outputs or RS485, facilitating remote management and control effectively.

- Relay Contact Customization: The annunciator indicator can be customized with or without relay contacts according to specific customer requirements.

- Customizable Channel Colors: Customers can request custom colors for channels, creating a suitable working environment.

3. Simple Operation:

Operators can easily operate the NTK32 annunciator indicator, saving time and energy.

- Local Control: NTK32 is equipped with 03 buttons including ACK, RESET, and TEST for operators to easily and quickly operate locally.

- Remote Control via Expansion Buttons: The annunciator indicator provides rear expansion buttons, allowing operators to conveniently and flexibly control remotely.

4. Dedicated Customer Care Service:

Trung Kiên Techdevinco is committed to providing dedicated customer care service, ensuring customers' complete peace of mind when using the NTK32 product.

- 3-year Warranty: The product is warranted for 3 years, giving customers confidence in the quality and reliability of the product.

- Easy Ordering Support: Customers can easily place orders through our official website: or contact us at phone number 0988.46.6789.

- Repair Services for Similar Alert Systems: We also repair similar alert systems from domestic and international manufacturers, ensuring stable and durable operation and warranty like new products.

Trung Kiên Techdevinco is proud to bring the perfect safety solution with the NTK32 Alarm Annunciator Indicator. We are committed to providing absolute trust and satisfaction to customers.

32-channel Alarm Annunciator Indicator (NTK32)

  • Tên sản phẩm: Bộ cảnh báo Tín hiệu 32 kênh.

    Tên khác: Taplo tín hiệu 32 kênh, Bộ cảnh báo sự cố 32 kênh, Alarm Annunciator 32 channel.

    Mã hiệu: NTK32

    Nguồn cấp : Có thể lựa chọn 24VDC hoặc 48VDC hoặc 110VDC/VAC hoặc 220VDC/VAC (85-295VDC/VAC)

    Số lượng nút ấn: 03 ( TEST/REST/ACK)

    Có khả năng điều khiển từ xa:

    Số kênh: 32 ( LED và RELAY)

    Có khả năng kết nối SCADA, RTU..:
    ( Bằng tiếp điểm thường hở của Relay)

    Kích thước khoét mặt: Cao 150 (cm) x Rộng 265 (cm)

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