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LCD or touch screen display, 12-bit data acquisition accuracy, suitable for main circuit voltage AC660V/AC1140V, trigger panel is designed with high digital safety standards and has three directions Regulation method: open and closed loop voltage regulation - Constant loop voltage and constant current. In one, the control panel has functions such as automatic phase recognition, phase loss protection, constant current output, constant voltage output, current limiting and overcurrent protection. (ST34C is 485 communication function version, can be configured according to customer needs)


ST34 three-phase rectifier thyristor trigger board uses 32-bit industrial-grade high-performance microprocessor, high digital safety standard design, mainly used in 1140V main circuit power supply, support network remote control and local control mode, Fuzzy-PID parameters are open It integrates three regulation methods of open-loop voltage regulation, closed-loop constant voltage and constant current, and control the thyristor to achieve constant voltage current limiting or constant current voltage limiting. Interface parameters and error warnings are displayed on the LCD liquid crystal display or Chinese menu on the touch screen, and the setting parameters are automatically stored. The control board has functions such as phase loss protection, power-on soft start, soft shutdown, constant current output, constant voltage output, overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection, protection short circuit and working status indicator. It has fully controlled three-phase bridge rectifier, dual inverting star rectifier and anti-parallel AC triggering mode by thyristor, can trigger thyristor below 5000A, suitable for resistive load, inductive load, regulate voltage and current in various industrial fields. Capacitive loads, transformer primary side and other types of loads, are widely used in electrolytic plating, charging and discharging, three-phase thyristor power supply and medium voltage rectifier power supply and other equipment .

Customers can also choose ST37 main control board + medium voltage pulse wave board to perform the function of ST34 which is modular design.


◆ Working power source: 380Vac ± 15% 50/60HZ

◆ Main circuit working voltage: 660/1140Vac±15% 50/60HZ

◆ Voltage adjustment range: 0 ~ full scale

◆ Current adjustment range: 0 ~ full scale

Display mode: TFT LCD Display menu or screen

Chinese touch PID dynamic response time: ≤50mS Deviation: ≤10%

◆ Input signal: DC0-5V, DC0-10V, 0-10mA, 4-20mA, 10K potentiometer adjustment

◆ Trigger three-phase unbalance: ≤ 0.3°

◆ Applicable load: measure resistance, inductance, capacitance and transformer and loads Indoor installation: no flammable, explosive, corrosive gas, no conductive dust, vibration less than 0.5G , altitude is below 3000 meters and power level must be reduced appropriately when exceeding 3000 meters.

◆ Weight: 1.5KG

◆ Products conform to standards:

IEC60947-4-2: Low-voltage switchgear and control equipment Part 4-2: Motor contacts and starters. AC semiconductor motor starter and controller.

GB14048.6-1998: Low-voltage switchgear and control equipment - Part 4-2: Contactors and motor starters AC semiconductor motor starter and controller.

GB3797-89: Electronic control equipment Part 2 - Electronic control equipment with electronics.

IEC61000-4: Electromagnetic Compatibility, Testing and Measurement Techniques.

IEC65: Safety of household and similar general purpose electronic equipment and associated equipment powered by mains power.

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