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Micsig MOIP01P/MOIP02P SigOFIT Optical Isolation Probe - 100MHz/200MHz

Discover the cutting-edge technology of the Micsig MOIP01P/MOIP02P SigOFIT Optical Isolation Probe, designed to meet the highest standards in electronic testing and measurement. Ideal for high-voltage applications, these probes offer superior performance, ensuring accurate readings and safety in complex environments.

Key Features:

  • High Bandwidth Performance:

    • MOIP01P: 100MHz
    • MOIP02P: 200MHz
  • Superior Common Mode Rejection Ratio (CMRR):

    • Up to 160 dB at DC
    • Over 106 dB at 200MHz
  • High Voltage Capabilities:

    • Common Mode Voltage Range up to 60kVpk
  • Accurate Readings:

    • DC Gain Accuracy of 1%
  • High Input Impedance:

    • 1 MΩ || 10 pF
  • Versatile Attenuator Tips:

    • Measure differential mode signals from ±2.5V to ±5000V
  • USB Type-C Power Supply:

    • Ensures stable and reliable power


  • Inverter Power Converter Designs
  • High Bandwidth Safety Tests
  • Motor Drive Design
  • UPS System Development
  • Switching Power Supply Design
  • GaN, SiC, and IGBT Device Design
  • EMI and ESD Troubleshooting
  • Floating Measurements

Why Choose Micsig MOIP01P/MOIP02P?

The Micsig MOIP01P and MOIP02P probes stand out for their ability to handle high-frequency signals and high-voltage conditions with precision and safety. Whether you are designing motor drives, testing power converters, or developing UPS systems, these probes ensure you achieve accurate and reliable measurements every time.


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Micsig MOIP01P - MOIP02P SigOFIT Optical Isolation Probe 100MHz/200MHz

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