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Delivering up to 700VDC and 22A output, this charging module is specifically designed for new energy vehicle charging stations. It incorporates the latest advancements in power technology and utilizes dual digital DSP control for optimal performance. The pre-stage leverages industry-leading 3-phase Active Power Factor Correction (APFC) technology, ensuring efficient power utilization

Technical Specifications:

High-performance Pre-stage: This stage employs industry-leading three-phase Active Power Factor Correction (APFC) technology, resulting in a wide input voltage range, minimal total harmonic current (THDi ≤ 3%), and a near-unity input power factor (0.99).

Efficient Power Conversion: The latter stage utilizes a three-level full-bridge resonant soft-switching topology, achieving high efficiency, power density, and reliability.

Compact Design: Employing forced air cooling, this module offers a small footprint for easy installation.

Customization and Features:

ODM Project: This is a custom-designed product, with technical specifications tailored to individual customer requirements.

Wide Output Voltage Range: Delivers a broad output voltage range from 200VDC to 700VDC.

Advanced DC-DC Conversion: Employs a full-bridge phase-shift soft-switching technology for DC-to-DC conversion.

Superior Power Factor: Achieves a total harmonic distortion (THDi) of less than 3% in the input current and a high power factor output of ≥ 0.99 at full load.

Comprehensive Protection: Features an anti-backflow device in the DC output to prevent surges during battery pack activation. Additionally, it boasts full isolation between input and output, comprehensive protection functions with alarms for noise voltage, short circuits, and faults.

Advanced Control and Communication: Supports hot-swap functionality and a fully digital dual-core DSP/DSP processor for CAN2.0 bus communication. Offers voltage regulation, current limiting, and current sharing capabilities.

Robust Safety Features: Provides input and output over/under voltage protection, input overcurrent protection (with open use), input three-phase unbalance protection, output overvoltage protection, output overcurrent protection, output short circuit protection, phase loss protection, over-temperature protection, and total harmonic distortion monitoring.

Compliance: Meets all relevant Chinese technical standards for electric vehicle charger withstand voltage grade, insulation grade, and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).

Optional Accessories:

This product offers a range of compatible accessories to enhance functionality, including:

STP30 Constant Voltage Feedback Module

STP10 RC Absorption Module

STP20 Three-Phase Synchronous Transformer Module

STP22 6-Pulse Trigger Module

STP01 LCD Operation Display Screen Module

SFP20 IGBT Driver Module

SFB61 Intelligent Battery Charge Control Module 700Vdc 22A

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    SFB61 Intelligent Battery Charge Control Module 700Vdc 22A






    • 100% new, unused. 

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