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Battery charging cabinets are indispensable equipment in every control station, transformer station of the Electric Power Corporation (EVN), telecommunication stations, Oil and Gas and factories - Industrial parks... due to the measuring devices. , other monitoring of the system regularly and required to use DC power source, and backup power from battery, to avoid dependence on grid power. Therefore, the battery charging cabinet was born with 2 tasks:

- Generate good DC power from AC mains.

- Charging and discharging maintains the quality of the battery system, ensuring the best battery quality, because the battery will be used as backup when the grid power fails.

We use the best supplies and materials to manufacture TKC battery charging cabinets, but the price is relatively low, easy to control, adjust, monitor and upgrade, TKC battery charging cabinets are increasingly asserting their position. standing in the battery charging cabinet market in Vietnam. TCK loading cabinets are diverse in types, sizes, and specifications.

To place an order, you can contact Trung Kien company directly, we will advise, clarify, confirm and confirm the order with you, bringing your peace of mind and trust. into the product is the core thing we want. TKC charging cabinets can be used to regularly and periodically charge and discharge batteries for battery suppliers for cars, electric bicycles, etc. or in other conditions TKC charging cabinets are still suitable. TKC charging cabinets are regularly provided to traditional customers working on power stations. With requests from customers, we are committed to complying and providing electrical projects with the most reliable products.

Manufactured according to ISO 9001 process, meeting international technical standards IEC 60146-1-1/ EN 50091-1 (Security)/ EN 50091-2 (EMC)/ EN 62040-1-2 (Safety)/ EN 62040-2/ IEC 61850(Option). Trung Kien company's battery charging cabinet best meets customer requirements. The capacity of the battery charging cabinet depends on the load, usually the output voltage is: 220VDC, 110VDC, 48VDC, 24VDC, .. diverse lines from 30A-50A-63A-100A-200A-300A ..


◆ Working capacity: 380Vac ± 15% 50/60HZ

◆ Main circuit working voltage: 50 ~ 380Vac ± 15% 50/60HZ

◆ Voltage adjustment range: 1 ~ 300V

◆ Current adjustment range: 1 ~ 300A

◆ Phase shift range: 0 ~ 178°

            * Output resolution adjustment: 1/4000

            * Stable accuracy: better than ±1%

◆ Trigger current: 750mA Trigger power: 1000A DC thyristor

◆ PID dynamic response time: 50mS overshoot: 10%

◆ Input signal: DC0-5V, DC0-10V, 0-10mA, 4-20mA, 10K potentiometer adjustment

◆ Three-phase trigger imbalance: 0.3°

◆ Applicable load: control battery charging and discharging

◆ Alarm relay contact capacity: 250Vac / 10A

◆ Dielectric strength: 3500 VRMS

◆ Working environment conditions:

               * Ambient temperature: -20° C ~ 60° C

               * Relative humidity: ≤ 90% RH (no frost)

               * Indoor installation: non-flammable, non-explosive, no corrosive gas, no conductive dust,

TKC battery charging cabinet

  • Product name: Battery charging cabinet

    Code: TKC

    Mission: Charge and discharge batteries and provide backup DC power.

    Power supply: 50 ~ 380Vac ± 15%

    Frequency: 50/60HZ

    Rectifier method: Controlled full bridge rectifier. Use Thyristor.

    TKC charging cabinet uses 32-bit industrial-grade high-performance microprocessor, high digital military quality design, supports network remote control and on-site control mode. Fuzzy PID parameters are open-ended, error warnings and parameters are displayed on the LCD screen, parameters are saved automatically after setting. With constant voltage and constant current regulation, the charging operation parameters are set by the LCD display. Charging stage can be set in four stages, each stage is set independently: charging current, charging voltage, current limit, charging time and jump voltage, support discharge parameter setting one stage, users can set the charging parameters of pre-charge, fast charge, slow charge or floating charge according to the current battery charging curve freely. Reliable operation, advanced technology, complete functions, stable performance, convenient debugging and easy maintenance.

    Output voltage can be adjusted from: 1 ~ 300VDC.

    Output current adjustable from: 1 ~ 300A

    Default output voltage: 12-24-48 -110 -220 VDC (+/-1%)

    Load current (Max): 32A-50A-63A-80A-100A-150A-200A-300A

    Feeding current:

    Boost recharge: fixed 1/5 Battery Capacity

    Float charging: 0~1/10 of battery capacity

    Protection mode:

    AC side: Phase loss, phase difference, ground fault

    DC side: Overcurrent, overvoltage, ground fault, reverse discharge,...

    Battery protection: Automatically recharge and discharge periodically to prevent battery terminals from corroding.

    Cooling mode: Ventilated cabinet or fan with sensor.

    Cabinet size: Depending on reality and customer requirements.

    For more details, please see the catalog.

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