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Micsig MOIP200P  SigOFIT Optical Fiber Isolated Probe  High Voltage Optically Isolated Probes


Trung Kiên Techdevinco is proud to be a distributor and promoter of advanced products from Micsig - a leading company in the field of research and development (R&D), manufacturing, and sales of oscilloscopes and auxiliary products.


Over the years, Micsig has achieved numerous technology patents and software copyrights, consistently leading trends and creating breakthroughs in the field of signal measurement and testing.


Micsig's Notable Achievements:

  • The first oscilloscope with a full touch screen: Smooth performance and unparalleled user experience have shocked the entire industry.
  • The world's first Android-based oscilloscope: Making measurement and testing more user-friendly and intelligent.
  • The smallest high-voltage differential probe with excellent performance: Bringing much convenience to users.


We continuously build value, consistently surpass ourselves, and pursue excellence. Our innovation will not stop but only continue to advance further.

Join Trung Kiên Techdevinco in experiencing and exploring Micsig's advanced products, contributing to enhancing efficiency and accuracy in your work.


Outstanding Features of the SigOFIT Probe:

  • True Signal: The SigOFIT probe has the highest common mode rejection ratio (CMRR), up to 112dB at 100MHz and over 100dB at 500MHz. This is the ultimate standard for signal fidelity measured by other voltage probes.
  • Wide Measurement Range: The SigOFIT probe can be used with different attenuator tips to test differential mode signals from ±1V to ±2500V, achieving full-range output and very high signal-to-noise ratio.
  • Highest Accuracy: Within the effective accuracy bandwidth, the measurement accuracy of 1.5% can be guaranteed, and the DC gain accuracy is better than 1%.
  • Less Common Mode Noise: Using power-over-fiber technology and an optical analog signal path to completely isolate between the measurement system and the device under test (DUT). By allowing the probe to float independently at the common mode voltage, this isolation greatly reduces common mode interference.
  • Efficient: Fastest response, can be tested immediately after power-on; AutoZero completed in less than 1 second, ensuring accurate signal output in real-time.


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Micsig MOIP200P SigOFIT Optical-Fiber Isolated Probe

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