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SECURE is a multinational corporation, established in India in 1987. The group has headquarters and factories in India, UK, Malaysia, Ghan. Up to now, the group owns 3 international brands: SECURE, CEWE, HORSMANN (measuring equipment, equipment and solutions for heating, hot water/gas/air conditioning/pumping systems), with main coordination offices in the UK, Australia, Sweden and the Middle East. The Group has more than 50 distributors and agents in more than 50 countries worldwide.

  • Measuring device

  • Equipment and solutions to manage intelligent air conditioning system

  • Equipment and solutions to manage industrial pumping systems


Famous Swedish manufacturer of measuring equipment more than 60 years old, formerly CEWE INSTRUMENTS AB, a former founder of the ABB Group. After the merger into SECURE group (M&A), the products are manufactured in-house at the factory in Bristol, UK.

SACOM has been a partner of CEWE since its inception. Until 2020, SACOM has cooperated with CEWE for more than 14 years.   


COMELETRIC was established in the 1960s, Italy, manufacturing control locks, position indicator locks for circuit breakers/separators, system locks and LED indicators. With product R&D experience,  After 50 years of distribution, COME has become a prestigious brand in Europe.

In 2017, after attending the fair at SECC-HCM, SACOM and COME met and signed a distribution contract to deploy products in Vietnam market from 2018.   


TELERGON/GORLAN is Spain's leading NSX for high-current switchgear (16A-3150A/1000 VDC, 16A-1800A/1500 VDC), ATS switch, specialized for solar and wind power projects , hydro/thermal power.

After many meetings and exchanges between the two sides, in early 2020, SACOM officially became the authorized distributor of Telergon. 


NSX is a leading manufacturer of locks, hinges and specialized mechanical accessories for electrical panels in China.

SACOM has been a partner of Hengzhu since its inception (2006). After many years of cooperation, in early 2018, SACOM was officially its authorized distributor in Vietnam market.


LINKWELL is a leading Chinese manufacturer with a reputation for products such as fans, filters, cable accessories, air conditioners....specialized for electrical panel cabinets.

After meetings between the two sides, in early 2018, SACOM officially signed a Distribution Contract with LINKWELL marking the cooperation of the two companies. Also from January 2018, SACOM became its authorized distributor in Vietnam.


ADLER is the leading German manufacturer with a reputation for protection products: fuses and lightning arresters, especially for applications for solar projects.   

8- SOUTH asia

Nam A Trading Joint Stock Company (SACOM JSC) was established in 2006, is a unit specializing in providing materials, equipment and accessories for electrical panel manufacturers across the country. In addition, Nam A is also a Contractor/NCC of measuring equipment, protective equipment (electronic meters, transducers, multi-meters, position indicators, switches for circuit breakers and isolators). ...) for power projects and works of EVN group, solar power projects, hydroelectricity and thermal power plants. In addition, South Asia is also a contractor/NCC for materials and equipment for factories under the General Department of Defense Industry such as Z129, warehouse K602, MTV Chemical 21, chemical engineering 14, Institute of Technology, OMI Vietnam. 

9- Aitcorp

Established in 2003 with the original name of Information Technology Development and Application Company Limited, main activities in the field of telecommunications and information technology.
During the period from 2003 to 2004, the Company mainly operated in the field of distribution and provision of information technology equipment and services such as computers, printers, switches, network routers, solutions from design to construction to complete network systems. Our main customers in this period are mainly government departments, ministries, corporations, and businesses all over the country. Aitcorp is a regular customer of Trung Kien Company's signal warning system for many years.

10- Alphanam

Alphanam was established in 1995 as a contractor. Currently, the group is developing projects throughout Vietnam. Alphanam is a regular and important customer of the company, having purchased and used many products such as NTK alarms, TKC battery chargers.


Phuong Bac Industry and Trade Joint Stock Company (Phuong Bac Company) is one of the first enterprises in Vietnam pioneering the chemical industry and industrial equipment.  was established in October 2005. Phuong Bac Company is a traditional customer of Trung Kien company's TKC battery charger.

12- HP Power One Member Limited Liability Company  is a good and regular customer of the company, with the main product being  NTK signal alarm kit, TKC battery charger, cabinet accessories and other supplies.

13- TIEN NAM PHAT TRADING & PRODUCTION JOINT STOCK COMPANY  used and supported Trung Kien company a lot, especially the signal warning kit designer.

14-ASEAN MECHANICAL ELECTRICAL JOINT STOCK COMPANY  have supported Trung Kien's products in recent years.

15-AN HOA PAPER JOINT STOCK COMPANY has supported Trung Kien's products in recent years.

16- FEROCROM CO., LTD has supported Trung Kien's products in recent years.

17- HON GAI MECHANICAL TRADING AND SERVICE JOINT STOCK COMPANY has supported Trung Kien's products in recent years.

18- NATIONAL ELECTRICAL INDUSTRIAL JOINT STOCK COMPANY  have supported Trung Kien's products in recent years.

19- PLC MANUFACTURING AND TRADING CO., LTD has supported Trung Kien's products in recent years.

20- DVC MECHANICAL JOINT STOCK COMPANY has supported Trung Kien's products in recent years.

21- Amazon, Alibaba, aliexpress, Banggood, Shopee are our important strategic partners, thank you very much.

                 There are many other companies and partners who have supported, cared for and helped Trung Kien a lot, we are very grateful and grateful to your companies, partners and friends for their support over the years. via! In the coming time, we are committed to always striving for sustainable development, bringing you the most prestigious, reliable and quality products... to always accompany you to complete all projects and projects. projects, at home and abroad.

                 Once again, thank you and appreciate all the love and help, Trung Kien company co-workers from everywhere, people at home and abroad.

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