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​Types of Thyristor Controlled Rectifier Circuits - The Optimal Choice for Automatic Electrical Technology

Introduction to Thyristor Controlled Rectifier Circuits

Explore rectifier circuit technology, an important role in automatic electrical systems.

Diverse features and applications of thyristor rectifier circuits in modern industries.

SCR Firing Board: Accurate and Reliable Platform

ST10, ST30, ST31, ST32, ST33, ST34 - High quality product lines ensure performance and stability during thyristor control.

Inverter Power Supply: High Quality Power Supply for Industrial Systems

SF290, SF280, SF210 - Provides stable and reliable power for industrial applications, from medium to high frequencies.

Electromagnetic Controller: Flexibility and Diversity in Control

STA80, STA81, STA82, STA83, STA85 - Multi-function magnetic control devices, meeting all needs in production and processing.

Smart Charger Module: Intelligence and Convenience for Battery Systems

STB60, STB63, STB65, STB66, SFB61, SFB62 - Smart charging modules with efficient and safe battery control.

Induction Heating: Advanced Technology for Thermal Treatment Process

SD300, SD320, SD310, SD360, SD330, SD331 - Provides efficient and energy-saving heat treatment solutions for industrial applications.

IGBT Driver Module: Reliability for Power Control

SK600, SK601, SK602, SK603, SK605, SK606 - High quality IGBT control modules, ensuring performance and reliability.

Accessories: Diverse Support Accessories for Electrical Systems

SFP30, STP01, STP02, STP10, STP11, STP20, SV810, SP100, SP160, SV820, SV800 - Professional accessories and support modules for automatic electrical system optimization.

With a diverse and high-quality product portfolio, we are committed to providing the most comprehensive and effective solutions for our customers' industrial needs. Please contact us for more detailed information and in-depth technical advice from our team of experienced experts.

Trung Kien Group - Reliable partner for the sustainable development of your business.

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