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Product Offering:

Trung Kiên Techdevinco ( takes pride in providing 100% genuine products with complete certificates of origin and quality assurance, offering warranties ranging from 1 to 5 years or plus. We offer a diverse range of products to meet the needs of our customers, including:

1. Industrial, residential, and automation electrical products.
2. Substation equipment and electrical consumables.
3. Electrical panel accessories and smart electrical systems.
4. Automotive electrical equipment and accessories.
5. Solar energy solutions and related products.
6. Marine electrical products.
Furthermore, we possess the capability to deliver custom manufacturing services, circuit board fabrication, industrial electronic equipment repairs, pulse transformer winding, as well as power supply, artificial intelligence, and robotics solutions.

With our diverse range of high-quality products and services, we are committed to fulfilling all customer requirements. Let Trung Kiên Techdevinco be your trusted partner, providing dedication and professionalism in every project and need you have.


Trung Kiên Techdevinco ( proudly boasts a team of highly experienced, dedicated, and passionate technical professionals who have been trained both domestically and internationally. We offer exceptional and reliable technical services to our esteemed customers, including:

1. Designing and manufacturing battery charging cabinets, control cabinets, PLC cabinets, and industrial and residential electrical cabinets. We ensure that our cabinets are designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards, meeting all customer requirements.

2. Producing custom signal alarm systems as per customer specifications and repairing signal alarm systems from various international brands. We guarantee reliable and accurate operation of signal alarm systems.

3. Repairing industrial machinery and electrical equipment, electrical supplies, and electronic devices. Our technical team possesses the knowledge and skills to troubleshoot and ensure the stable operation of equipment and systems.

4. Designing automation systems and intelligent electrical systems for office buildings, as well as security monitoring systems for factories, residential areas, and buildings. We provide efficient and secure solutions for managing and controlling these systems.

5. Designing electrical systems for civil and industrial projects, including designing, manufacturing, repairing printed circuit boards and electronic circuits as per specific requirements. We ensure that electronic circuits are produced and repaired with high precision and reliability.

6. CNC surface machining, designing and installing LED advertising signs, installation and maintenance of home elevators, and repairing electrical systems for machinery and households. We offer reliable and professional services, including:

7. Designing, manufacturing, and fabricating electronic circuits. Our technical team has the ability to innovate and leverage advanced technology to create high-quality electronic circuits that meet all requirements and standards.

8. Repairing electronic products in factories, power stations, and industrial systems. We have in-depth knowledge of electronic devices and systems, enabling us to quickly troubleshoot and restore normal operations.

9. Creating customized power supplies. We provide consultation and design power supplies tailored to customer needs, ensuring stable power delivery and high performance.

10. Designing electronic products according to customer requirements.

Trung Kiên Techdevinco is committed to providing customers with diverse and high-quality services. With our experienced and dedicated technical team, we always strive for customer satisfaction and success. Join us on this technological journey, and together, let's develop and create superior solutions for every technical challenge.

Trung Kiên Techdevinco ( takes pride in being a leading company in the modern era of our country, particularly in the city of Hai Phong. We have entered the era of Industry 4.0 with remarkable development speed.

Together with our esteemed business partners, suppliers, and customers, we have introduced high-end technological products to the market, contributing to the service of our nation. Although our achievements remain modest, the sense of pride within us continues to grow, and our burning desire to dedicate ourselves to the greatness of Vietnam remains radiant.

Our accomplishments are inseparable from the collective contributions of everyone involved. We understand that Industry 4.0 has brought us closer than ever before. In a fiercely competitive world, collaboration has become a crucial factor in societal development and prosperity.

Our journey is inspired by the following motto:

  • Building a more beautiful world each day.

  • For a beautiful human life.

We warmly welcome you to our website and invite you to join us on this journey. If you have found your way here, please continue to explore with us and become an integral part of our development journey. You are cordially invited!


Trung Kiên Techdevinco ( takes pride in delivering optimized technological solutions that meet all requirements, including:

1. Electronic circuit design, manufacturing, and fabrication: With our team of experienced engineers and technical experts, we offer comprehensive services in electronic circuit design, manufacturing, and fabrication. We are committed to meeting customer requirements and quality standards.

2. Repair of electronic products in factories and power stations: We provide professional repair services for electronic products in factories and power stations. Our technical team promptly and accurately identifies and resolves issues to ensure continuous and stable system operations.

3. Customized power supply design and production: We have the capability to design and produce various types of power supplies to meet specific customer needs and requirements. High quality and performance are always our top priorities in the manufacturing process.

4. Artificial intelligence and robotics solutions: We possess expertise in artificial intelligence and robotics technology, ready to provide intelligent and automation solutions for customer projects and endeavors.

We firmly believe in the spirit of collaboration for success. With Trung Kiên Techdevinco, both our customers and we will journey together on every project. Our commitment is to build long-term partnerships and respect the trust of our customers.

Regenerate response

Leading in supplying materials, electrical equipment and high technology for industrial and civil projects.

Bring great benefits to customers in a professional way

Operation Criteria:
Effort, creativity, prestige, dedication.

"You've ARRIVED here!
Stay a while.
We believe you'll find what you can't find elsewhere.

Let us prove it to you."


Trung Kiên Techdevinco is dedicated and professional in repairing industrial electronic equipment, ensuring the restoration of their functionality and extending their lifespan. We provide reliable warranty services, equivalent to that of new products.


Trung Kiên Techdevinco meets customer's ordering requirements by manufacturing high-quality industrial products, ensuring compliance with technical standards. The products can be commercially traded or technology transferred based on the customer's specific requests.


Trung Kiên Techdevinco is a supplier of a diverse range of industrial electrical materials and equipment, ranging from basic components to high-tech products, catering to the needs of both the industrial and civilian sectors. We always engage with and apply the latest technologies in the field of industrial electronics, aiming to provide customers with effective, advanced, and reliable solutions.

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