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Has it affected your Cybertruck yet? Check in quick and easy!

Updated: Apr 24


Just bought a nice Cybertruck? Great! But before "riding your steed" around, checking to see if your car is subject to a recall due to a faulty accelerator pedal is extremely important. Trung Kien Techdevinco is here to guide you through the simple steps to check:

1. Use NHTSA's vehicle search tool (US Highway Traffic Safety Administration):

  • Visit the NHTSA website: NHTSA is a US government organization responsible for ensuring vehicle safety on the road, so it is a reliable source of information.

  • Click on "Search by car brand" and select "Tesla" from the list.

  • You will now see a list of recalls related to Tesla vehicles. Note: The recall you are looking for involves an accelerator pedal error on the Cybertruck, NOT a font size error on the brake, parking, and anti-lock brake (ABS) warning panels mentioned previously there.

  • If your Cybertruck is part of a recall, you'll see details about the recall, including the year it was manufactured and the issue resolved. This detailed information will help you accurately determine whether an accelerator pedal error is affecting your vehicle.


2. Contact Tesla directly:

If you feel uncomfortable with online inspection, you can always contact Tesla customer service at 1-877-798-3752. Tesla's highly trained staff will be available to provide detailed information about accelerator pedal errors and help you schedule repairs.

3. Check the vehicle's VIN number:

No matter how you check, make sure you have your Cybertruck's VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) on hand. The VIN is usually found on the lower left dashboard or on the driver's door. The VIN number is like a vehicle's "birth certificate", containing detailed information about the vehicle's production history and structure. When contacting Tesla or checking online, you will need to provide your VIN number to accurately determine whether your vehicle is included in the recall.


4. Repair and safety procedures:

  • If your Cybertruck is included in the recall, DO NOT use the vehicle until the accelerator pedal has been repaired. Faulty accelerator pedal can potentially cause loss of control and cause an accident, so using a vehicle without repair is extremely dangerous.

  • Tesla will replace or repair the accelerator pedal free of charge. This is a safe and transparent policy of Tesla, showing concern for the interests of customers.

Trung Kien Techdevinco hopes this guide helps you! We're always up to date with the latest information about the electric vehicle market, so follow us to make sure you stay safe on every journey.

Additionally, you can also refer to other reliable news sources about Tesla's Cybertruck recall. Some sources you can refer to include articles on the websites of reputable automobile magazines, major technology news sites, or videos on Youtube channels specializing in electric vehicles. By consulting many different sources, you will gain a more comprehensive view of the issue and make informed decisions regarding your Cybertruck.

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