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Tesla Cybertruck Recall: Easy to understand explanation for everyone

Dear Trung Kien Techdevinco readers,

Surely many people have heard the news about Tesla recalling all Cybertruck cars due to a faulty accelerator pedal. So what is this and what do we need to do? This article will help you better understand this issue in the simplest way.


1. Problem:

The Cybertruck had an error due to installing the wrong type of lubricant (soap), causing the gas pedal to become loose and easily get stuck. When the vehicle accelerates suddenly, the driver may lose control, leading to the risk of an accident.

2. What did Tesla do?

  • Recalling all defective Cybertruck vehicles: Tesla puts user safety first.

  • Free Repair: Tesla will replace or repair the accelerator pedal at no cost to customers.

  • Temporarily suspending Cybertruck deliveries: Tesla guarantees to only deliver vehicles once the defect has been repaired.

3. What should you do if you own a Cybertruck?

  • Contact Tesla now: Visit a Tesla dealer for a free new gas pedal installation. Do not use the vehicle without repair: Using the vehicle without repair can be dangerous. Stay informed: Stay updated from Tesla on recall and repair progress.

4. Comments from Trung Kien Techdevinco:

The Cybertruck recall is a reminder of the importance of ensuring product quality and consumer safety. Tesla handled the issue transparently and responsibly, showing concern for customers.

Trung Kien Techdevinco wants to bring you accurate, easy-to-understand information about the electric vehicle market. Follow us to get more useful knowledge!


The Cybertruck recall is a lesson for Tesla and other electric vehicle manufacturers. User safety is always the top priority.

Hopefully this article has helped you better understand the Tesla Cybertruck recall.

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