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  • Are you looking for professional industrial equipment repair and installation services? Let Trung Kien Techdevinco be your reliable partner

  • With over 20 years of experience in the installation and repair of industrial electronic equipment, we are committed to providing optimal and reliable solutions for your needs.

  • We specialize in repairing and installing a wide range of industrial equipment in factories, power stations, buildings, offices, hospitals, ships, trains, tunnels, transportation, and civil infrastructure. Our highly experienced technical team and advanced machinery ensure high performance and stability of the equipment.

  • As representatives of renowned brands such as ABB, Schneider, Siemens, Omron, and many others, we undertake repairs and installations of industrial equipment from leading manufacturers worldwide. We guarantee to deliver optimal and reliable solutions for your industrial electronic systems.

  • We take pride in manufacturing and supplying NTK signal alert systems from Trung Kien Techdevinco. Our products are of high quality and meet technical standards, providing reliability and high performance for your systems.

  • Our technical team not only possesses extensive knowledge and expertise but also has access to professional machinery and tools for repairing and installing industrial equipment. This ensures our capability to handle complex tasks and meet all customer requirements.

  • In addition to repair and installation services, we also provide customized consulting and solutions for industrial electronic systems. We listen and understand our customers' needs to meet all their requirements.

  • Call us at 0988.46.6789 to experience our professional, high-quality, and reliable industrial equipment repair and installation services. We guarantee product warranties as specified by the manufacturers and ensure absolute customer satisfaction.

  • With Trung Kien Techdevinco, you will have expert doctors who care for and repair high-quality, reliable, and responsible industrial electronic products. Let us accompany you on the journey of development and success for your business!

  • Remember, industrial equipment repair and installation should always be carried out by experienced professionals.

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