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Our team of professional technicians is always available 24/7, always ready to provide prompt care for your supplies, tools, machinery, systems and industrial electrical equipment. fastest and best ways such as: Repair, replacement, installation, maintenance, warranty, monitoring, operation, adjustment, installation, programming, instructions for use, transportation, delivery of materials ... We always understand that every business has unique needs when it comes to technology, products, equipment and electrical systems and that is why we provide customized solutions to ensure that your electrical equipment, electrical systems, supplies, tools, and machinery always operate at the highest level without interruption or delay in resuming operations.

Please trust and support us!

Let us handle all your electrical equipment and industrial electrical system needs.

Feel secure knowing that your business is still doing well.

We are always here, always listening and supporting you,  when you return.

Engineering Class
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Diverse and Professional Services

We take pride in providing a diverse range of professional and reliable services in the field of industrial electronics and electronic product development. Below are the service categories we offer at Trung Kiên Techdevinco:

1. Industrial Electronics Repair: Our experienced team of technicians is ready to cater to your repair and maintenance needs for industrial electronic devices. We are committed to restoring the original condition and maintaining high performance for your equipment.

2. Custom Electronic Product Development: We specialize in researching and developing custom electronic products tailored to your requirements. Our expert team is dedicated to advising and assisting you in implementing innovative ideas and solutions in the electronics field.

3. UX/UI Design for Optimal User Experience: Our professional design team ensures that your products have user-friendly and appealing interfaces. We prioritize optimizing user experiences with refined and elegant designs.

4. Design and Installation of Educational Models: We offer the design and installation of educational models related to electrical, electronic, and automation fields for vocational schools and universities. This helps students gain a deeper understanding of principles and applications in these domains.

5. PCB Design, Manufacturing, and Installation: Equipped with advanced technology and techniques, we design, manufacture, and install high-quality and reliable Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) that meet all your requirements.

6. Mobile App Development: We provide custom mobile app development services to meet the needs of businesses and individuals. Our commitment is to deliver top-notch and high-quality applications.

7. IoT Product Design and Fabrication: Embracing the Internet of Things (IoT) technology, we are prepared to fulfill requests for designing and fabricating IoT products. Our solutions are innovative and smart, catering to modern lifestyles.

We are confident that our experienced and dedicated team will bring true value to your projects and exceed your expectations. At Trung Kiên Techdevinco, we are driven to deliver reliable and quality services.

8. Design and Installation of Automation Systems for Factories: Trung Kiên Techdevinco takes pride in being a leading provider of design and installation services for automation systems in factories. With our team of experienced engineers and specialized knowledge, we commit to providing optimal and reliable solutions for our customers.

We utilize the latest advanced technologies to optimize production processes, increase productivity, and minimize reliance on manual labor. Our automation systems ensure stable and efficient operations.

Contact us today to experience quality and reliable services from
Trung Kiên Techdevinco.

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