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Upgrade your smart home with Nspanel Tuya Zigbee: Experience a comfortable, modern life

Updated: Apr 24

Smart home with Nspanel Tuya Zigbee is not just a simple smart panel, but also a comprehensive management center for your smart home.

With modern design, diverse features and preferential prices, Nspanel Tuya Zigbee promises to bring you a completely new smart home experience:


1. Sharp 6-inch touch screen:

  • Visually display status information of smart home devices.

  • Allows you to easily control your devices with smooth taps and swipes.

  • Supports viewing security cameras right on the screen, ensuring home security.


2. Diverse connections, meeting all needs:

  • Wifi: Stable internet connection, allowing remote device control anytime, anywhere.

  • Zigbee: Connects directly to Zigbee devices, ensuring stability and saving battery life.

  • Supports connection with other smart devices such as lights, sockets, switches, curtains, air conditioners, cameras...


3. Convenient remote control:

  • Turn on/off the device, adjust brightness, temperature, set operating time... with just a few simple steps.

  • Create smart scripts to automate home activities, helping you save time and effort.

  • Voice control through virtual assistants such as Google Assistant and Alexa, providing a modern convenience experience.


4. Luxurious design, enhancing the aesthetics of the house:

  • Modern touch screen, thin bezel, suitable for any interior space.

  • Compact size, easy to install on the wall or place on the table.

  • Bringing luxury and sophistication to your smart home.

5. Preferential price:

  • Currently, Nspanel Tuya Zigbee is being announced by Trung Kien Techdevinco that the product is available at a preferential price of only VND 4,729,478 (52% off).

  • This is a great opportunity for you to own a high quality smart control panel at a very reasonable price.


Contact us now for free consultation and to order products:

Trung Kien Techdevinco - Reputable smart home expert!

Genuine products, good prices, reputable warranty!

Let us accompany you to build your dream smart home!

For example:

  • Using Nspanel Tuya Zigbee, you can easily turn on/off lights, adjust room temperature, view security cameras... even when you are at work or traveling.

  • Nspanel Tuya Zigbee also helps you save energy effectively by automatically turning off devices when not in use.

  • With Nspanel Tuya Zigbee, you can create smart scenarios to automate home activities such as:

  • When you open the door, the light will automatically turn on.

  • When you go to sleep, the curtains will automatically close and the air conditioner will automatically turn off.

  • Nspanel Tuya Zigbee can also connect with other smart devices such as robot vacuum cleaners, smart speakers, air purifiers... to create a complete smart home system.

Get Nspanel Tuya Zigbee now to upgrade your life!

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