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Detailed Review and Usage Guide for Multi Meter Elite 300

Introduction to Multi Meter Elite 300

Multi Meter Elite 300 is manufactured by Secure / India company and Trung Kien Techdevinco Company is one of the leading distributors of digital measurement equipment. The Elite 300 multimeter is designed to provide high performance and versatility in electrical and electronic measurements. This is an indispensable tool for experts, technicians and DIY enthusiasts in the field of electrical cabinets, power stations and industrial electricity.

Multi Meter Elite 300

Outstanding Features and Specifications

Diverse Measurement Capabilities

The Elite 300 multimeter offers diverse measurement capabilities, including:

  • AC/DC Voltage Measurement: Allows accurate checking of voltage parameters.

  • AC/DC Current Measurement: Enables high-precision current measurement.

  • Resistance and Capacitance Measurement: Provides the ability to measure resistance and capacitance for various applications.

  • Frequency and Temperature Measurement: Measures electrical frequency and temperature with absolute accuracy.

  • Diode and Continuity Testing: Helps verify the operational status of diodes and circuits.

High-Quality Display

  • Large, Easy-to-Read LCD Screen: Displays measurement results clearly and is easy to observe.

  • Resolution up to 6000 Counts, Providing Precise and Clear Results: Ensures high accuracy in all measurements.

Flexible Range Selection

  • Automatic Range Selection: Simplifies the measurement process and avoids errors.

  • Manual Range Selection for More Precise Control: Allows users to customize the range for specific applications.

Support Functions

  • Data Hold Function to Retain the Current Reading on the Screen: Makes it easy to record and analyze measurement results.

  • Relative Measurement to Measure Changes from a Reference Value: Useful for comparing and analyzing electrical parameters.

Backlit Display

  • LCD Screen with Backlight for Easy Reading in Low-Light Conditions: Ensures you can work efficiently in all lighting conditions.

High Safety Features

  • Designed with CAT III 600V Safety Standards: Ensures user safety.

  • Overload Protection to Prevent Damage to the Device and User: Protects the device from high voltage incidents.

Ergonomic Design and Included Accessories

  • Compact, Ergonomic Design with Comfortable Grip: Easy to use and carry in various work environments.

  • Included Accessories:

  • Test leads

  • K-type thermocouple

  • User manual

Versatile Applications

Multi Meter Elite 300 by Trung Kiên Techdevinco is suitable for various applications, such as:

  1. Electrical and Electronic Maintenance and Repair: Perfect for diagnosing and repairing electrical and electronic issues.

  2. Automotive Diagnostics and Repair: Essential for detecting electrical problems in vehicles.

  3. HVAC System Testing and Maintenance: Ensures heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems operate correctly.

  4. Home and Office Equipment Repair: Excellent for repairing everyday electrical appliances and office equipment.

  5. DIY Projects and Personal Hobbies: Suitable for personal projects and experiments that require precise electrical measurements.

Detailed Usage Guide

Step 1: Preparation

  • Check the device and included accessories to ensure everything is functioning correctly.

  • Carefully read the accompanying user manual to understand the features and usage of the device.

Step 2: Setup

  1. Select the appropriate measurement range (automatic or manual).

  2. Connect the test leads to the corresponding measurement ports on the device.

  3. For temperature measurement, connect the K-type thermocouple to the temperature measurement port.

Step 3: Conducting Measurements

  1. Select the measurement mode on the device (voltage, current, resistance, temperature, frequency, etc.).

  2. Place the test leads at the measurement location and read the results on the display screen.

  3. Use the data hold function if you need to retain the current reading on the screen.

  4. For relative measurement, set a reference value and measure changes from this value.

Step 4: Safety and Maintenance

  • Always follow safety principles when using the device to avoid the risk of electric shock.

  • Regularly maintain the device to ensure optimal performance.

  • Store the device in a dry, cool place and avoid exposure to high temperatures or humidity.

Technical Specifications Tables

Table 1: Measurement Specifications


Measurement Range

AC/DC Voltage

0 - 600V

AC/DC Current

0 - 10A


0 - 60MΩ


0 - 100mF


0 - 10MHz

Temperature (with K-type probe)

-50°C to 1000°C

Table 2: Display and Setting Functions




LCD, resolution 6000 counts



Range Selection

Automatic and manual

Data Hold


Relative Measurement


Table 3: Safety Features and Design



Safety Standard


Overload Protection


Ergonomic Design

Compact, easy to hold

Included Accessories

Test leads, K-type thermocouple, user manual


Multi Meter Elite 300 by Trung Kiên Techdevinco is a versatile, reliable product with many useful features, suitable for various applications in the electrical and electronic fields. With high accuracy, convenient design, and safety features, this is an indispensable tool for anyone working in this field.

By using Multi Meter Elite 300, you will have a high-quality measurement device that helps you perform tasks accurately and efficiently. Visit for more details and to explore more of our products.

Multi Meter Elite 300 not only helps you complete tasks but also provides peace of mind and confidence in product quality. We hope you will return to our website many times to learn about and purchase other products.

Trung Kiên Techdevinco always accompanies you in all projects and electronic measurement needs. Let us be your trusted partner.


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