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Pham Minh Huong, Chairman of VNDIRECT, expressed gratitude for the blessings from their ancestors and all the good fortune, saying that thanks to them, they were able to miraculously overcome the inci

Updated: Apr 19

Chairman of the Board of Directors of VNDIRECT Securities Joint Stock Company (VND), Ms. Pham Minh Huong, shared updated information about the system incident with customers, partners and shareholders. The Chairwoman confirmed that, up to now, VNDIRECT's system has been restored and is stable.

Chủ tịch VNDIRECT Phạm Minh Hương
Chủ tịch VNDIRECT Phạm Minh Hương

Ms. Huong, representing VNDIRECT, especially wanted to send her deep apologies and gratitude to customers and partners, and emphasized the sympathy and patience they had for the company during the time of overcoming the problem. try. She also wanted to send her gratitude to the State Securities Commission, Stock Exchanges and depository centers, Department of Cyber Security and High-Tech Crime Prevention, Department of Information Security, PA05 Ha Noi, as well as leading technology corporations such as FPT, Viettel, BKAV, and all technology experts globally have supported in the process of overcoming this problem.

When receiving information about the system being locked due to a malicious code attack, Ms. Huong urged the company to learn about the scale and losses of this attack. She shared that, initially, the company could not predict the severity and scale of the problem, but then quickly realized and handled the situation carefully and promptly.

"On the first day, despite receiving enthusiastic attention and support from experts, we still faced a large and complex workload, making the situation confusing. However, , with determination, we have entrusted management to the General Director and assigned tasks. Specifically, we have formed work teams such as decryption and system recovery teams, information security review and protection teams, transaction system and service recovery teams, and customer external communication teams. Our careful selection has invited leading security experts. full information, people with experience in decoding malicious code, thereby helping to increase speed and performance in the process of fixing this problem." Ms. Huong shared.

VNDIRECT Chairman shared that the time of reconnecting transactions on the morning of April 1, 2024 was also the first time she and the company team "shed tears of joy and gratitude". Ms. Huong said the company's damage was really huge, both economically and in reputation, but it was not wasteful.
VNDIRECT Chairman shared that the time of reconnecting transactions on the morning of April 1, 2024 was also the first time she and the company team "shed tears of joy and gratitude".

According to VNDIRECT Chairman, normally, troubleshooting problems on large systems can take many weeks and an average of 22 days for similar incidents globally. However, at VNDIRECT, this process has been significantly shortened. It even took only two days to complete information security check procedures and get ready to reconnect the system. Those were two sleepless weekends, full of pressure, because if not done promptly in the first week after stopping trading, the consequences could be very serious for customers.

Ms. Huong sent her praise and deep gratitude to the experts who contributed to handling and overcoming the problem, as well as to the relevant State agencies who continuously supported and accompanied the process. respond to this emergency situation.

"All the efforts and support from precious organizations and friends through every advice, every guidance, and every unconditional sharing, have contributed to creating a miracle in the past few days: We got through the safety incident.”

The female Chairwoman of VNDIRECT shared that the resumption of trading on the morning of April 1, 2024, was an emotional moment, when she and the entire company team could not hold back tears of joy and knowing. thank you. Ms. Huong emphasized that the company suffered great economic and reputational losses, but it was not a waste, because from this process, they learned many valuable lessons.

"Thank you for the blessings of our ancestors, thank you for all the causes, thank you, and we cannot express how grateful we are at this time. We have had difficult days. "difficult, but extremely precious and beautiful. We always believe in the miracle of life and will commit to continuing to improve ourselves to be able to serve our customers better every day", excerpt from the Chairman's gratitude. Chairman of VNDIRECT.

According to An Ninh Tiền Tệ

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