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I. Introduction

Trung Kien Techdevinco is proud to introduce the Elite 440-448 multi-function meter - an accurate, flexible and easily integrated multi-function electrical measurement solution.

What is the Elite 440-448 multi-function watch?

The Elite 440-448 Multifunction Meter is a 3-phase multi-current digital multimeter, ideal for commercial and industrial applications requiring accurate and reliable measurement of electrical parameters (voltage). , current, power, frequency, etc.) manufactured by Secure / India.

II. Exceptional Features

High precision measurement: Class 0.2s, 0.5s, 1.0 accuracy ensures the reliability of measured data.

Large, multi-line LCD display with backlight: Displays 4 parameters at the same time, easy to observe.

Flexible Modbus communication: Enables easy integration with energy monitoring systems.

Optional expansion modules: Provides advanced system integration capabilities (pulse input/output or analog and ethernet output).

Suitable for star or delta connection: Meets a variety of applications.

Measure average THD: Voltage, current and power up to 31st (THD 31).

Online monitoring saves costs.

III. Application:

Commercial and industrial energy management and sub-metering systems (EMS).

Building management and monitoring system (BMS).

High, medium and low voltage electrical distribution panel cabinets.

Control cabinet and relay.

Electrical control center cabinet (PCC).

Motor control cabinet (MCC).

Relay and control output.

Factory monitoring and automation system (SCADA/DAS).

IV. Words from an engineer with 30 years of experience

With 30 years of experience in the electrical field, I appreciate Secure's Elite 440-448 Multifunction Meter for the following superior features:

High accuracy: Ensures reliable measurement data, helping to make accurate plant operation and energy allocation decisions.

Flexibility: Diverse connectivity, easy integration with existing surveillance systems, and scalability to meet changing needs.

Easy to use: Intuitive interface, easy to install and operate.

High durability: Withstands harsh environments.

Competitive prices: Brings high investment efficiency.

The Elite 440-448 multifunction meter is the perfect choice for general purpose electrical measurement applications in the industrial and commercial sectors.

V. Contact

For more detailed information about the Elite 440-448 Multifunction Watch, please contact Trung Kien Techdevinco:



Phone: +84 988466789

ELITE 440-448 Multifunction Meter

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